We are passionate about helping our customers find solutions that make their lives easier

We offer a no-cost solution for streamlining your telecom and IT procurement needs

We are committed to helping our clients make smarter choices and finding better and more efficient ways for them to get things done

The days of having to get smart fast on a specific technology in order to make a well-informed purchase decision are over. Leverage your Procure Advisor’s knowledge and experience to save time and gain peace of mind that you will get the best solution at the best possible price.

Leverage Procure Advisor to help you with your next telecom or IT solutions need:


Communication and collaboration solutions custom tailored for every budget and need


Connectivity, cloud, colocation, security and managed service solutions for any requirement and application

We are dedicated to creating work/life balance for our customers by simplifying the procurement process and providing solutions that improve productivity, efficiency, and profitability


You evaluate solutions from multiple providers with a single point of contact


We love our partners, but we love our customers more. Our focus is on what’s right for your specific needs.


Procure Advisor has more than 250 partners, so you can choose from all the major brands or high touch regional providers


We deliver transparent contracts and pricing direct from our providers plus we negotiate on your behalf ensuring you get the best deal possible. And our service is completely free to you. How awesome is that!


We have global buying relationships so when something goes wrong you get global leverage with our enhanced escalation process

We focus on telecom and IT solutions because these technologies enable our clients to more effectively manage their responsibilities, stay organized and connect with others. This is why we built an extensive partner portfolio consisting of 250+ providers – so you don’t have to

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