Forrester Top Customer Service Trends For 2018

by Mar 29, 2018

Forrester Research recently published an article* stating that “we are at a tipping point for customer service operations.” Today’s customers crave quality interactions and a personalized experience. They also value the expediency of self-service: for the third year running, self-service engagements outnumbered all other customer interactions.

How does this mesh with your current customer experience strategy? A successful customer service strategy will need to become customer-centric by adopting new processes that facilitate quality customer engagements.

Procure Advisor can empower your customer-centric strategy by enabling you to:

  • Leverage automation, so you can focus on tasks that require personalization
  • Empower your customers to resolve issues quickly
  • Give your customers the freedom to move seamlessly between self-service and live agent support
  • Extend your workforce with intelligent bots and virtual agents

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